About Us

LizardPools LLC is a Family Business.

We are owned and operated by the Clark family, which includes Angela, Chelsea, & Homer Clark.  In 2012 Angela & Chelsea decided their father, Homer, needed to fulfill a life long dream of owning his own business.  The sisters that their father would do something like plumbing, mechanics, or welding.  All areas Homer had spent time working in during his 30 plus years in industrial construction.  However, a friend of Homer's told him he needed to start a pool business in the Phoenix Greater Area.  For Homer, this sounded perfect because it was something his daughters could do with him.  After Angela & Chelsea agreed to start a pool business with their father, the rest became family history.

Meet the Family

Angela Clark

Angela's background is in water safety.  From an early age, she was in swimming lessons, swim team, and helped out at her community swimming pool.  As a young adult she worked as an American Red Cross ccertified Lifeguard and Water Safety Instructor (Swim Lesson Teacher).  Today, as part of her contributions to the family business, Angela continues to contribute to water safety in the state of Arizona by participating in the Drowning Prevention Coalition of Arizona and the Independent Pool & Spa Service Association.  However, you'll still find her in customers' back yards regularly on for service and smaller projects.  She runs most of the errands for the business and contributes to a lot of community involvement for LizardPools LLC.

Chelsea Clark

Like her sister, Chelsea's background is also in water safety.  Since Angela & Chelsea were so close in age growing up, these two often did everything together.  This included swimming lessons, swim team, Lifeguarding, and teaching swimming lessons.  Today, Chelsea also lives a life on open bodies of water.  Chelsea is an avid wakeboarder and holds 3 team collegiate national title, one individual collegiate national title, one world amateur title, and has spent 3 years on the pro circuit for wakeboarding.  Chelsea debuted her rookie year as the highest ranked rookie for the year and just finished the 2018 year circuit as 12th in the world.  Click Here to see her pro-wakeboarder profile.

Homer Clark Lizard Pools LLC

Homer Clark

Homer's story is coming soon!