Quality Pool Service that is Priceless!

What LizardPools Does

Pool Service

LizardPools LLC offers weekly service at a monthly rate.

Weekly service includes:

  • Empty Skim, Pump, & In-line Baskets
  • Test Water Chemistry
  • Make chemical adjustments based on test results
  • Backwash filter as needed, if applicable
  • Check equipment & visible plumbing
  • Brush Walls & Steps

LizardPools LLC does require all our pools to have a working floor cleaning system and a working auto water leveler.  Water level is the responsibility of the customer. Our service agreements are arranged so that either party can discontinue service at any time.

Pool Maintenance

LizardPools LLC also offers other pool maintenance services outside of our weekly service agreement.  Some of these maintenance services should be completed quarterly, semi-annually, annually, or every few years.  If your pool in on weekly service with us, we'll let you know the unique needs of your pool.  If you perform your own weekly pool service, we'll let you know what the industry best practices are.  

  • Bead Blast to clean the calcium build-up at your water line.
  • Acid Wash to clean the surface of your pool, a pool surface needs to be cleaned just like a bath tub needs cleaning.
  • Green Pool Clean-Up  because sometimes you just can't keep up with the dust storms and Arizona sun shine.
  • Filter Cleanings should be done multiple times per year.  Your DE & Cartridge filters clean all the debris from your pool and we clean the debris from the filters to keep you and your swimmers safe.
  • Sand Changes remove all that old debris filled sand from your filter and put in new clean sand to keep the swimmers in your pool safe.
  • Drain & Fill perhaps your pool surface does not need an acid wash, but your water still needs refreshing.  Let us help so that your pool lasts you as long as possible.

Repair, Replace, & Upgrade

LizardPools LLC is set up to take care of just about any project work you may want done.  Check out our photo gallery for examples of our work and our idea list below. Sometimes projects can be very custom,. Therefore just because it's not on our list doesn't mean we won't do it.  Give us a call to get your pool equipment repaired, replaced, or upgraded.

  • Pool Motor Rebuild
  • Pool Motor Replacement
  • Pool Pump Seal Kit
  • Pool Pump Replacement
  • Pool Pump Upgrade (Variable Speed Pumps are safer and more cost effective - Upgrade Today)
  • Pool Light Fixture Replacement
  • Pool Light Fixture Upgrade (LED lights now come in 12V instead of 120V and have color changing options.  You have have your own light show in your yard.)
  • Pool Filter Replacement
  • Pool Drain Cover Upgrade (VGBA Drain Covers help prevent entrapment, don't risk your swimmers drowning!)
  • Pool Vacuum Lock Replacement (Also helps prevent entrapment, don't risk your swimmers drowning!)
  • Upgrade your pool to have a handrail (Help make entering & exiting your pool so much easier on your swimmers)
  • Diving Board Removal (Spinal injuries are a real risk in residential pools, remove your diving board TODAY!)

There's so much more we can do, but we're running out of room. Call LizardPools TODAY so we can help you enjoy your pool.

Community & Indsutry Involvement

LizardPools LLC is proud to service our customers' pools and we're proud to be involved in our industry & community.